Welcome to Aletheia Quest Shortwave Broadcast and Podcast!

Welcome truth seeker!

Aletheia Quest with Alan Fahrner is a place for fellow seekers to join together on a sometimes difficult, but always fruitful, search for truth.  Although mainly looking to the God (via the Bible) for answers, I also discuss other principles around pursuing truth, current events, etc.

The show airs two times each week on WRMI:

Day Time 24 Hour Time Zone Frequency Primary Broadcast Area
Sun 7:00 PM 1900 Eastern* 9955 kHz Caribbean & South America (reaches North America too)
Wed 9:00 PM 2100 Eastern* 9955 kHz Caribbean & South America (reaches North America too)

Flagship broadcast: Episodes premier here, although others may be “personalized.”
*Broadcast times provided in Eastern, because they will air at that time, regardless if EST or EDT.

WRMI logoIf you don’t have a shortwave radio (or reception on those frequencies is problematic), WRMI enables you to listen to the 9955 broadcasts online or by calling +1 (631) 359-8777.  You can additionally listen online on Aletheia Quest Radio or by calling +1 (518) 896-1786, or…

Aletheia Quest with Alan Fahrner is also a podcast. Please check out the “Listen” page for how to access our audio and video podcasts and to get a complete picture of all the ways to listen.


  • There is truth.
  • You can know truth.
  • Truth doesn’t contradict truth.
  • Truth matters.
  • Truth is, I care about you.

– Alan

Truths about truth

P.S. And yes, I know I am probably still not pronouncing “Aletheia Quest” correctly in the broadcast/podcast. 🙂

In fairness to me, Google “pronounce aletheia quest” and you’ll see that the results don’t all agree. I’m shooting for this one: