RecommendedCredits where credits are due. Here are some of the things I credit for making Aletheia Quest with Alan Fahrner a reality. These are not affiliate links.

  • Shortwave broadcast sent into the airwaves by WRMI
  • If a version isn’t given, most Bible quotes are probably from the English Standard Version, with the New International Version being used a bit more lately, and the good ‘ole King James Version always a great option too
  • Bible study enhanced by Logos software from Faithlife
  • Web hosting provided by Host Armada
  • Internet radio station streaming services (and responsive radio player) provided by Reliastream
  • Call-in number to listen to our Internet radio station from Zeno Media
  • Audio editing with Amadeus Pro (recording, trimming, and normalizing), Audacity (removing silence, when needed), and Hindenburg Pro (my primary editor)
  • Clipart and some photos from
  • Some photos from JumpStory
  • Logo created with Logo Maker (iOS) and edited with Affinity Photo
  • Text on images with Word Swag (iOS)
  • Music provided by the
  • Audio podcast service (and distribution) by
  • Please check out the “Listen” page for the various, kind podcast distributors beyond

– Alan