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Radio tower buttonGiven that Aletheia Quest with Alan Fahrner is a broadcast and podcast for truth seekers, I’m really glad you are here. 🙂

WRMI logoAnd boy, are the a bunch ‘o ways (and growing) for you to listen: shortwave, Internet radio, and a slew of audio and video podcast services.

Shortwave Broadcast

Aletheia Quest with Alan Fahrner airs two times each week on WRMI:

Day Time 24 Hour Time Zone Frequency Primary Broadcast Area
Sun 7:00 PM 1900 Eastern* 9955 kHz Caribbean & South America (reaches North America too)
Mon 8:00 PM 2000 UTC 15770 kHz Europe

Flagship broadcast: Episodes premier here, although others may be “personalized.”
*Broadcast time provided in Eastern, because it will air at that time, regardless if EST or EDT.

If you don’t have a shortwave radio (or reception on those frequencies is problematic), WRMI enables you to listen to the 9955 broadcasts online or by calling +1 (641) 741-1762.

Audio Podcast
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Please note, if you go to the “Anchor” link above, it has links to all the other audio podcast sites that Aletheia Quest with Alan Fahrner is on.

Video Podcast

YouTube logoOkay, at least for now, the video is just a static image…but it’s another option!

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Thanks for listening!

– Alan